OLC Hosting our First Webinar… with Alan Kay!

Alan Kay of The Glasgow Group

At OLC’s Spotlight on Learning conference, Alan Kay’s workshop “Be The Best Leader You Can Be: Solutions Focused Coaching Techniques” was voted one of the best at the conference. Miss the workshop, or want more insights? Join Alan as he hosts OLC’s first webinar on May 10, 2011 at 1:00PM EDT!

This free, interactive one hour webinar focuses on different solutions to encourage organizations and employees to use leadership and coaching techniques to improve quality of developing and delivering services.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Assess different kinds of leadership required to enlist and motivate people to reach their highest potential
  • Discover your own leadership style
  • Review the principles behind Solution Focused thinking
  • Understand how Solution Focus helps find useful change, amplify it and get to solution talk and actions
  • Look at team coaching as an interactive, developmental process which enables coaches to find their own solutions
  • Review a few tools you can use right away to create positive results in your organization, employees and yourself!

…  and much more!

To sign up for the webinar, please click here.

Agents of Change Continue to Inspire

Over the past few months, OLC has been busy visiting some our Agents of Change across Ontario. Read about the YMCA’s Learning Opportunities ProgramCNIB’s Literacy Program for Deafblind Adults, and the North Bay Literacy Council‘s staff and learners to see how they continue to motivate, educate, and inspire.

Vilma Wright - Literacy Specialist, Tara Pishghadam- Literacy Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator, and Jacqueline Gibson - Director of YMCA Literacy Program, YMCA

YMCA Learning Opportunities Program: OLC staff met with one of YMCA’s Learning Opportunities Program students, Trevor, whose gratitude for the program and their incredible staff was truly palpable. YMCA’s program has not only helped this once shy individual with his grammar, math, and computer skills, but has helped him come out of his shell. “[I]t’s given me self-confidence in different areas in different ways,” he says, “[t]his place makes you grow – your mind, body and soul…”

Ashley Bartolo - Teacher, Deb Deschamps - Learner, and Lee Garrett - Specialist, Deafblind Literacy, CNIB

CNIB Literacy Program for Deafblind Adults: OLC met two deafblind learners, David and Deb, from CNIB’sprogram in Hamilton, whose dedication to learning and perseverance to overcome daily obstacles is moving – their progress a testament to the hardworking staff at CNIB. Both individuals use an enhanced computer to write and print their own columns which the classroom proudly boasts on its walls.

Julie Patterson - Literacy & Health Program Manager, Jane Jackson - Executive Coordinator, and Johanna Mutch - Student-Tutor Coordinator at the North Bay Literacy Council

North Bay Literacy Council: OLC met with Julie Patterson and Johanna Mutch who spoke to us about The North Bay Literacy Council’s initiative to promote health literacy in the community. The North Bay Literacy Council is holding a Literacy and Health Symposium in August to promote the education of understanding of health information – both from a health practitioner’s and a consumer’s point of view.

To learn more about these organizations, and to watch videos of our Agents of Change, please visit our Spotlight on Learning: Becoming Agents of Change website.

OLC Introducing Webinars! Help us Pick our June Webinar Topic!

Fueled by the success of its Spotlight on Learning: Becoming Agents of Change conference, OLC is providing more opportunities for professional development over the coming year. Starting next month, OLC will be hosting webinars presented by various professionals both inside and outside the literacy field that cover a wide array of topics of interest.

Our first webinar will be presented by Alan Kay on May 10th. Details and how to register for this webinar are coming soon!

Dr. Sarah Eaton will be presenting a webinar in June and the OLC wants you to pick the topic! Check out these snippets of topics, and pick your favorite in our poll below!

Google Forms for Literacy Programs – How to Build, Design and Use Google Forms: Learn how to build, design and use Google forms for educational contexts such as: registration forms for events, sign-up forms for volunteers, program evaluation, and more!

Using Skype in ESL and Literacy Programs: This program offers a basic overview of what Skype is and how it can benefit a literacy program to reach rural and remote learners, and invite special guests for PD training sessions.

Logic Models: What They Are and How to Use Them: Designed for educational administrators, managers and leaders, this program gives an overview of logic models, what they are and how they are being used today in the educational and non-profit sectors.

New trends in education: Formal, non-formal and informal learning -Implications for Evaluation and Assessment: Informed by the latest research, this program addresses trends in learning and education with regard to formal, non-formal and informal learning as defined by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD).

Canada Participates in International Adult Learners’ Week!

This week (April 2-9) is International Adult Learners’ Week, celebrating adult learners across the country and promoting lifelong learning! With this campaign well underway, what better way to start off the week than with inspirational stories from across the country? From West to East, read about how people are participating in International Adult Learners’ Week!

EDMONTON, ALBERTA: The Learning Centre Literacy Association’s Never Ending Learning Conference in Edmonton inspired and motivated learners this past Saturday, offering creative writing, speaking with confidence, and keeping a positive outlook workshops. http://bit.ly/f99xFb

CALGARY, ALBERTA: The Language Research Centre, in conjunction with Alberta Advanced Educations and Technology and UNESCO, will host a panel discussion on the importance of lifelong learning, multilingualism, and multiculturalism, sharing their views on the importance of language learning in the 21st Century. http://bit.ly/gA1KoJ

CARMAN, MANITOBA: The Midland Adult Education Centre (MAEC) is promoting IALW through their Adult Ed week. A stimulating brain fitness program, and a 6-week Microsoft Word and Excel class are just a few of the activities and courses offered at the centre. http://bit.ly/iaLlbN

SUDBURY, ONTARIO: St. Albert Adult Learning Centre celebrates IALW by focusing on healthy eating and physical fitness, complete with a popular Zumba class. http://bit.ly/fCtJWe

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO: The Oakville Literacy Council, a charitable organization providing free, personalized tutoring to adults in reading, writing and basic math, raised awareness of adult literacy by exhibiting and fundraising at the Oakville Lifestyle Home Show this past weekend. http://bit.ly/gjMbrv

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