Meet Ghazal Niknazar, Project Coordinator

As Project Coordinator, I am responsible for organizing the array of projects being managed by the Ontario Literacy Coalition.  Having joined the OLC staff team in 2009, I have been focusing on our work in the areas of Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills, the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum, and Family Literacy.   I have the pleasure with working with an incredible group of staff and subject matter experts who are helping to make the OLC’s projects real and tangible for both government and literacy practitioners.

Before joining the OLC, I spent 8 years in teaching and tutoring settings in diverse cultural contexts.  I taught at all levels of ESL and LINC and have also trained instructors in preparation for their TESOL certification.  My involvements with the Frontier College Literacy Program and WLES sponsored alternative employment training schools, have opened my eyes to the immense need for capable, well educated, teachers as well as well-funded and policy-supported adult programming in Canada.  These insights have only enhanced my desire and commitment to adult education.

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