Adult Literacy Curriculum

The Adult Literacy Curriculum (ALC) Initiative is an undertaking supported by the Learning Ministries of the province of Ontario – Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

When completed the Adult Literacy Curriculum is expected to foster greater quality and consistency of instruction in the LBS Program.  It is intended to lead to improved outcomes for literacy learners, including more and easier transitions to further education or training and more successful transitions to employment.

The Ontario Literacy Coalition (OLC) is involved in a number of OALC related projects including participating on the ALC Work Group, and taking a lead with the validation of the OALC with stakeholders external to the literacy field but still impacted by the curriculum (business, labour, settlement services, etc). Finally, the Ontario Literacy Coalition will be working closely with the Regional Literacy Networks to support the literacy community’s transition to this new curriculum.

What will a new Adult Literacy Curriculum mean for the field? Will a curriculum add credibility and professionalism to the field?

There are many questions surrounding the development of the Adult Literacy Curriculum and the OLC would like to know what questions you have surrounding this initiative. Let us talk, as a field.  Share your hopes and any thoughts surrounding the ALC with rest of your colleagues in literacy.

Expressions of Interest

The Ministry of Education, supported by its partners, the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, is developing Adult Learning Centre Demonstration Projects. The purpose of these projects is to produce coordinated, accessible and effective adult education and training programs and services. The core of the Adult Learning Centre Demonstration Projects is improved integration of services.

School boards, colleges and community agencies (funded by the aforementioned ministries) that currently deliver adult secondary school credit programs, adult non-credit ESL/FSL language training program, and adult non-credit literacy and basic skills training are eligible to lead an Adult Learning Centre Demonstration Project.

As a partnership development organization promoting adult literacy across Ontario, the Ontario Literacy Coalition (OLC) would like to applaud this multi-partner, multi-year initiative. (The ‘Template’ and full ‘Call for Expressions of Interest’ are available on the OLC website. )

Multi-year initiatives allow organizations in the field to better plan and execute initiatives as well as develop relationships of substance with community partners, which can only serve to benefit adult learners across the province.

After gathering feedback from past calls for proposals, the ministries are also providing funding for the proposal process. This step recognizes the resources that go into developing proposals and meeting all criteria.

There are many positive changes in this proposal process (implementing feedback, funding for proposals) and there are areas for further development. The Ontario Literacy Coalition is providing this forum to hear your thoughts on the current Call for Expressions of Interest as well as on the overall idea surrounding Adult Learning Centre Demonstration Projects.

As always, we will provide the Ontario Government and its ministries with feedback based on your comments.


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